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Dave Steffen - DRUMS

Aunt Flossie Bio

Aunt Flossie is a high-velocity rock quartet of contradictions: The band's music blends today's haunting, modern-rock style melodies with aggressive power chords from the heavy-metal heyday of the 1970s.

Dave Steffen on drums and Mark Weaver on bass lay a thick rhythmic pipeline that sends the shimmering guitar work of Jason Nelson coursing through each song. Lead vocalist Matt Roberts unleashes vocals in a highly expressive range that adds color and texture to the band's material. Aunt Flossie moves smoothly from choruses of full-bodied power chords to thick landscapes of technical musicianship, accompanied by vocals that alternately tiptoe, stomp and screech around an emotional bedrock of love, anger and betrayal.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Aunt Flossie has enjoyed a string of recent successes this year:

Austin's rock radio legend KLBJ-93.7FM chose Aunt Flossie to record two songs for the station's annual "Local Licks Live" CD from among a 70-band competition.

Aunt Flossie won this year's best new band competition at the internationally renowned SouthBySouthwest music festival in Austin-

They've opened for well-known headliners including Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, The Toadies, Caroline's Spine and Econoline Crush.

In June of 1999, Aunt Flossie placed second in a national rock band search sponsored by Ernie Ball.

Also this year, Fibes Drum Company struck an endorsement deal with the band.

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Matt Roberts
Matt comes from a musical family. His mother taught him to sing and play piano, and Matt performed in musicals and plays in his Rockford, Ill., high school and later at Western University (?), where he enrolled on a full scholarship for vocals, violin and theatre. When he found out his friends had formed a rock band and were auditioning for a lead singer, Matt ditched college and signed up with Aunt Flossie. He admits he was a little lax attending the first few rehearsals, but then, he says, he was the only band member at the time with any talent. Matt writes all of his own material, including the smart-aleck banter he uses between songs at Aunt Flossie shows.

Lead Guitar Rig: 79 Les Paul custom, Les Paul studio, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifer, 4/12 Marshall reissue Cabinet 
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Dave Steffen
Dave Steffen got his start in music like most kids. He joined the middle school band. But Dave was no ordinary 12 year old. His talent was soon apparent and quickly earned him an invitation to join the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corp. There he spent two summers touring the Midwest. After graduation, Dave briefly performed with the Rockford (Illinois) Symphony Orchestra. He was also invited to join the Rock Valley College Jazz Ensemble. Meanwhile, as fate would have it, Dave's high school buds, Dean Rusk and Jay Nelson were forming a band. Although rock is a far cry from classic and jazz, Dave took it all in stride and never missed a beat.

But it seems music isn't his only talent. When Dave isn't performing, he can usually be found scuba diving, studying to get his pilots license, or playing with his beloved computer.

Drums: Fibes Custom Maple: 22" Kick, 13" Snare, 18" Floor Tom, 10" Rack Tom, 8" Rack Tom

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Jason Nelson
Jay fondly remembers purchasing his first album in third grade: High Voltage by AC/DC. After being blown away by the sound, Jay knew he wanted to be in a rock band. Soon, Jay learned to play piano and guitar, and joined three different choirs (yes, he really was that good).

His mom likes to tell the story about a teacher who told her that son Jason was a "beautiful singer." Perhaps he was switched at birth, 'cause no one else in the family possesses one iota of musical talent. No matter. Jay's musical influences are as mysterious as the source of his muse. They include the Cure, Jane's Addiction, Ministry and Metallica.

Rhythm Guitar Rig: Fender Telecaster plus, Fender Stratocaster ,Mesa Boogie Maverick Combo 2/12 Speaker Cabinet


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